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Personality PokerWelcome to the Personality Poker® online video game. This fun and simple personality assessment will help you identify your personality style and other attributes.

Below you will find a Las Vegas style video poker machine. Like the Vegas machines, you are dealt 5 random cards. You get to hold cards that you like and swap out the others. Unlike the gambling machines, with our video poker game, you get to keep swapping cards until you get the best hand. The best hand is one where all five words accurately describe your personality.


  • Spin the wheels to reveal 5 cards with personality traits.
  • "Hold" the cards that are like you. That is, the word describes your personality.
  • Keep spinning (press "SPIN") until you get a hand where all 5 words describe you.
  • Ideally your hand will have one of the 2, 3, or 4 cards. These describe the unproductive side-effects of your "strong suit."
  • When you have a hand with 5 words that describe you, press the "DONE" button to get your results. You will then have a chance to save your hand and share it with friends.


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